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Maine Media Library
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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Maine Media College Internship

It will be sad to see my library practicum at Maine Media Workshop + College come to an end. The staff there have made me feel right at home and the many hours I have spent re-arranging the materials has been therapeutic. It is a wonderful meditative environment, classical music playing in the background and a friendly casually professional staff interacting with each other, students, and always encouraging me with praise and appreciation for my efforts.

On Monday I am going to push to finish everything since the weather seems to be flirting with snow showers and an early winter seems around the corner. I can't drive long distances with my un-winterized car. I am bringing my daughter and her friend Amelia (both college aged) to help scan film scripts involving a time consuming process using the copier, naming files and storing them on the main drive.

Also working on two or three grants, one with a deadline of November 10th! I was happy to come home last week and find another assignment from School Library Journal on my doorstep waiting for me. I read a book about Biotechnology this morning and will begin the review soon.

Here are some photos showing the library "in process"