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Saturday, March 17, 2012

A New Syndrome?

While the "Stockholm Syndrome" (which is a paradoxical psychological phenomoenon in which hostages develop positive feelings of empathy towards their captors) is perhaps one of the strangest syndromes known to man, I think I may be experiencing a new strain of mental syndrome which might be a common one. I'll call it the Oscillating Pre-Graduate Syndrome.

While I should be thrilled and excited at the prospect of graduating with a BS in Library Science and Information Services and furthermore of putting my training into practice in a traditional way, as I job hunt for various jobs I am inclined to shy away from actually working in a library. This makes me ever more thankful for almost having a degree that will enable me to experience this type of vacillation and still be successful as Library Science and Information Services is eclectic and generic enough to be applicable to a variety of careers. Surely my increased knowledge and skill set will make me a more productive and full bodied Administrative Assistant or Sales professional if it comes to that.

The Dream is always better than Reality...or is it.

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