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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Ernst Haas

"Photography is a bridge between science and art. It brings to science what it needs most, the artistic sense, and to art, the proof that nothing can be imagined which cannot be matched in the counterpoints of nature" - Ernst Haas.

The library at Maine Media Workshops + College is named after Ernst Haas, a notable photographer who was born in Vienna, Austria in March 1921 and who died of a stroke in New York City in 1980. Haas was a renowned photojournalist whose work greatly contributed to new developments in the art of color photography. He also filmed many significant movies such as "The MisFits" and John Huston's "The Bible". Early in his career Haas photographed for Heute Magazine and Life magazine. For a chronology of his life events and career please view Silverstein Photography's Chronology at :

In this chronology it is noted that Enrst Haas was invited to Maine Photographic Workshops between 1970 and 1974, a visit which began his teaching stints at various workshops throughout the world. Since the "Maine Photographic Workshops" weren't officially founded until 1980, Ernst Haas was involved with this organization from its earliest inception.

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