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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Library Practicum

Well, I am in my final year of what has been a memorable and fulfilling intellectual journey - the journey of pursuing a BS degree in Library Science and Information Services. I remember my fear and whelm at the thought of resuming my college education after years of dormancy. Would my mind still open to learning new things after almost twenty years of focus on the mundane, ordinary sometimes dreary tasks of daily survival? I'm glad I took the steps necessary to ensue this journey, and grateful for the funding available to me and for the inspiration of my daughter who has overcome so many odds to become the intellectual person she is. Knowledge has changed and edified my priorities and values.

My library practicum will perhaps be threefold. It is hard to say at this point as I have yet to meet with my prospective library. Tentatively my internship will be with the Maine Media College of Rockport, Maine which offers a Master of Fine Arts MFA degree in the fields of photography, filmmaking and multimedia as well as a certificate program for the same areas of study. I am waiting to hear from Christine Urquart who is coordinating my initial interview with the college President Charles Atschul and the Dean of Education Elizabeth Greenberg.

in the meantime I am thinking about helping out the Island Heritage Trust of Deer Isle, Maine. I interviewed for a PT position in their gift shop earlier this summer and met with the Director Mike Little. It turned out that the time they needed someone to work didn't jive with my other job at the time but in the course of our interview Mr. Little mentioned that he had a collection of books on the environment that is badly in need of organization and Dewey Decimal labeling and placement. I mentioned that this might be a possible project for my upcoming library internship in the Fall. I have a call in to him and am also waiting to see if this is something I might do.

In a similar instance I interviewed this summer for a PT job with Jane Irving who is a successful massage therapist and teacher of massage therapy online. We ended up discussing a project she has been wanting to start but has not had the time to organize. This project is a wellness program designed for people with terminal illness and she is interested in meeting with me to write a grant to indemnify this program. I have been deferring meeting with her because I have been so busy with work and summer school but I think it would be beneficial to both of us for me to follow through and meet with her. So...I'm signing off for today to send her an email!

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